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Above the line Advertising

ATL advertising is wherever mass media platforms are employed to market brands and reach the target group of any company or brand. Conventional media such as TV and Radio Advertising, Print and Web can be used for the communication that is targeted to a wider segment of the audience and isn't specific to individual shoppers. ATL advertising tries to succeed in reaching a mass target market of client audience.

Radio Jingles, Newspaper Articles, Outdoor Activities and Prints, Magazine Ads and Press Ads and releases are all known to be Above the Line Advertising. Honeycomb focuses on the Rating, Awareness, Frequency and Reach for above the line advertising activities.

We as a leading marketing communication agency provide our customers with a wide range of ATL advertising. We attempt for an in-depth understanding of every company’s unique requirements and we develop solutions that work, ensuring that it stands out with a competitive edge.

ATL activities require a lot more time and effort in terms of ideation and concept visualization and building. The process starts from receiving the brief, mind mapping and brainstorming around the same. Then, a few concepts are presented to the client, the chosen one is visualised thoroughly. Building of Creative content and Imagery takes place and later the first cut of the produced and displayed to the client. Based on the suggested feedback from the client, improvisations take place. The concept is frozen and if photo shoots are required, they take place at this stage. After the above is done, Post production activities happen- raw images are converted into finalised images after Retouching - composing images, cleaning up, color correction and finally the artwork is sent for printing.

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