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On-site Creative Studio

About the Client

A leading Lifestyle Retail Brand that’s present Pan-India with over 200 Retail Outlets.

Sigma AVIT - Marketing Sigma AVIT - Marketing
  • Region-wise adaptation of artwork led to discrepancy
  • Brand guidelines were not followed
  • Requirements to customize artworks on urgent basis were not met
  • Visual identity of the Brand was inconsistent
  • Prices were high or varying, and budgeting became an issue
  • Adaptation of artwork in regional languages was difficult

In order to retain their position amongst the Top 5 players in the industry, the Client’s Team approached Honeycomb Creative Support for a solution. After clearly understanding the pain points, Honeycomb suggested to set-up an On-site Creative Studio at the Client’s location;On-site Creative Studio at the Client’s location, where Graphic Designers from Honeycomb would deliver artworks adhering to brand guidelines as per requirement.

And the artworks handled at the On-site Creative Studio:


Graphic Design, Emailers, Short Videos and Fine Art Prints for showrooms, among others.

The project which began with One Graphic Designer (with a strong Pre-press background)has has grown into a Team of 10 Members, who have collectively delivered over 1 Lakh artworks till date.

Onsite Creative Studio Set-up Includes:
  • Interactive Studio Manager
  • Graphic Designers with Pre-press Knowledge
  • Client Servicing Executive
  • Art Director
On-site Creative Studio Services Offered
  • Review of Task Instructions & Templates
  • Pertinent Documentation
  • Campaign shell creation including input of start and end dates,campaign design ideas and final graphic designing
  • Adaptation of Existing Designs
  • Copywriting and Language Translations
  • Quality Assurance Review
  • Video Editing and Kinetic Typo Animation Expert
  • Other services, viz. HTML E-mailers, Printing of collaterals, Photography and Video production is supported from Honeycomb office.

Honeycomb has had a strong and sustained relationship with the Client for over 8 years. Over time, impressed by the services, the Client has approached for several requirements that are above and beyond what the On-site Creative Studio offers. Furthermore, Honeycomb has also been consistently serving other brands of the Lifestyle Brand’s parent company. Simply said, this association has been a win-win situation for both the Client and Honeycomb.

Sigma AVIT - Marketing


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Fine Art Prints

Name: Swarup Chatterjee
Occupation: Head of Marketing for an Asset Management Company
Area of Photography: Candid and Travel

Awards & Accolades:
  • LENS CULTURE STREET PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS – 2016 Editor’s Choice entry to the main gallery, Berlin.
  • 11thSPIDER AWARDS, MONOCHROME – 2016, LOS ANGELES Winner & Honorable Mention – ABSTRACT
  • THE MONOCHROME AWARDS – 2016, INTERNATIONAL CONTEST Honourable Mention – Portrait

Years back I started my journey as a painter and have been participating in art exhibitions in Kolkata. When I got transferred to Bangalore, I started having logistical issues to manage my inventory…. Paint-airlift-send to exhibitions-airlift the unsold and get them back. That resulted into a situation where it became very difficult for me to carry on with the artform. For some years, I was without a ventilator for my creative/artistic instincts.

That’s when I took up photography. I felt – this would at least help me store my artwork digitally. Initially I didn’t have enough to invest into a camera and its accessories. I had a small house. I sold it to garner enough fund to invest in my camera, lenses and gadgets. That’s how my journey started.

Even today, when I look through the eyecup of my camera, I can see a blank canvas and then I start composing my frame.


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