Graphic Design – Retainership Module

Retainership Module

Graphic Design – Retainership

The retainership model is one of the wide-spreading movements today. It is always prudent to hand over the whole gamut of graphic designing services to a trusted, reliable partner like us.

You can be absolutely worry-free once we are entrusted with the work because we guarantee to put all our efforts into delivering a creative, original and effective solution, bang on time.

Our well-trained team takes pains to understand your brand to the fullest, helping you connect with your customers with ease. The consistency in work that we deliver makes the retainership a cost-effective model for graphic design services; a ‘pay less and gain more’ method indeed!

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Creative Retainership:

A Creative Retainership is a fee paid to the Agency each month for an agreed period of time by a client in exchange for a host of creative and professional graphic design services availed by them. The Agency-Client contract for such services is usually for a period of 12 months and specifies the overall scope of work that is to be undertaken, man-hours required for completion of assignments each month as well as the extent of resources required. Contracts may be renewed by either client or Agency after its completion with revised terms mutually agreed upon.

Importance of Creative Retainership:

Often companies have frequent requirements for communication collateral but do not necessarily have the infrastructure to establish and manage a full-fledged communication department. The reasons for the same could vary from company to company. By entering into a Creative Retainership agreement with a design agency, clients can avail the benefit of outsourcing their design needs from a single agency all through the year.

Advantages of a Creative Retainer:

The most significant advantage of a Creative Retainership is that a client can avail a host of services through a single window system. Upon entering into a Retainership contract, the Client is provided a dedicated team to meet all their requirements based upon the agreed scope of work as per the Client’s schedule. Furthermore, as the allocated resource is well briefed on the particular company’s brand guidelines and nature of requirements, a lot of time and effort can be saved as designs are delivered as per the brief and guidelines. By outsourcing multiple projects to one Agency, a client can also take advantage of costs and resources and optimize communication budgets of the company every month. A Retainership agreement also helps clients in not having to seek estimates from multiple agencies, manage multiple contracts, invoices, payment schedules, etc and focus efforts on the core competencies of their organization.

Services Included in a Creative Retainership:

Graphic design, strategic consulting, interim creative management, website design and maintenance, email template design, research, writing, editing, print management, design project management services are the kind of services that are typically included in our Creative Retainership agreements.

Creative Retainership Agreement:

A Creative Retainership does not cover any third party expenses such as offset or digital or any other form of printing, stock photography purchase and licensing, hiring of specific talent for a project or any other work that may need to be subcontracted. In cases where any third party involvement is needed to complete a specific project, our Client Servicing team will summarily update the client, share recommendations and obtain necessary approvals on the additional vendor costs prior to the commencement of the project. These will be billed in addition to the retainer fees along with any applicable taxes.

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