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Honeycomb Creative Support has grown drastically since its inception. Today, with a vast experience of over twelve years, we have served a wide range of clientele across the country. The design agency has handled innumerable projects efficiently and are the first choice amongst their vast clientele circle. The agency is also well-known for its innovation, creative approach and on-time delivery. Honeycomb has in-house creative minds which coordinate for a best possible outcome, making it one of the best graphic design agencies.

Honeycomb is located in the prime area of Koramangala, Bengaluru, India. The design agency has a state-of-the-art infrastructure which houses over 60 designers, artists and technicians in diverse areas. It is well equipped with high-end computers and utilities that cater to the varied design needs of its vast clientele.

Honeycomb has a branch office in Mumbai, which handles the Fine-Art-Printing services.

Honeycomb considers and treats each and every project as its mainstay. Every project is briefed and discussed amongst the creative team members. The experienced opinion and advice of its directors are taken and a concept is written. The basic concept along with storyboard is sent to client for any additions or other corrections. Once the concept is approved, after receiving the work order from the client, the concept is sent to the design department. The creative director strategies with his team and allocates the design work to the artists and designers. Once the project is done, it is checked for quality and proofed. The clients are normally given two design options from which they choose. The whole project cycle of Honeycomb collaborates with one another in getting the best outcome.

Starting from ‘Logo’ design to ‘Web design’ Graphic designing has many diversifications. Many businesses seek multiple forms of designs for various advertising media and it is difficult for them to run along to get their diverse needs of designs. Honeycomb being a complete design solution, provides a one stop solution to all kinds of designs for advertising, while saving valuable time and money for its client. Housed under one roof, Honeycomb provides multiple services such as Logo design, Graphic design, Web design, Web development, Digital media marketing, Fine-Art-Printing, High-end scanning and Corporate video production services.

Fine-Art-Printing is the archival of quality prints which has a wide gamut of colours and lasts long. Old photographs, paintings and digital arts can be printed on various canvas media like Hahnemuhle, Canson, Felix Schoeller and Epson. Since canvas is made from cotton, it is stronger than paper and can withstand multiple handlings. Today Fine-Art-Printing is used widely in interior décor of residences, offices and in many events and campaigns.

Honeycomb is equipped with Quato Monitors, Mac Pro and Epson Stylus Pro 9900, an 11 colour printer which uses ultra-chrome HDR (high definition range) inks to ensure accurate reproduction of colours for best quality prints.

High-end scanners can save paintings, old photographs and artworks from being junked. This robust machine can not only revive the old glory but heal the actual damage that has been inflicted. A stained or torn painting can be made to look as good as the original by using the high-end scanner and its supporting software.

Be it colour correction, film scanning, or transparency scanning, high-end scanners, unlike old drum scanners, do a great job of retrieving the lost glory. Old images can be reproduced and super-imposed to give them a new life. Bromide scanning can enlarge photos or artworks to the desired size. These outputs can be as large as A0 size paper. Honeycomb Creative Support is equipped with Epson 11000XL and its accessories and is one of the leading high-end Photo scanning service providers in Bengaluru.

Honeycomb in-houses a bunch of highly talented designers who are adept at web design and development. The team, with solid experience, adheres to strict quality guidelines while using their innovative ideas to create novel forms of web designs. Honeycomb caters to the web requirements from content creation to SEO services. Armed with digital marketers and SEO executives, Honeycomb has served innumerable clientele across diverse industries. The design agency has a track record of creating powerful e-commerce websites.

Corporate videos created logically and creatively can be the best possible corporate communication that businesses can offer confidently. The videos can give them a wide exposure and educate the common audience about their products or services. Corporate videos can also announce special offers, combo offers, campaigns, competitions, prizes and seasonal announcements. People who watch such corporate videos tend to get engaged and show interest in the offered product/service. Such videos created by corporate film production houses act as a perfect communication tool for the businesses.

Honeycomb has successfully produced a handful of corporate videos, which are circulating in multiple media. The corporate production house of Honeycomb has a team comprising of copy writers, video editors and film makers who create amazing stories. The corporate videos produced my Honeycomb Creative Support is interesting to watch, educating and more importantly engaging.

Honeycomb Creative Support offers colour proofing on art papers and newsprint media. The CMYK proofing is used so as to assess the outputs before the actual printing. The ad agencies and news media businesses can thus foresee their virtual prints before the final printing is done. Honeycomb uses Star-proof Colour management system and Harlequin RIP for its proofing solutions. Honeycomb offers a very economical service of proofing as it provides a visual copy, article or advertisements before the final output. Epson 9900, 11 colour is used to get the result as the printer produces a wide gamut of colours.

Honeycomb offers multiple services as it has three more wings. Photo stop, ArtworknImage and Webees are the sister concerns of Honeycomb which provide services like Photo/Image editing, Digital marketing, Copy writing, Video shooting, Video editing and Onsite studio services to other businesses. Honeycomb also encourages enthusiastic photographers by conducting Photography exhibitions periodically. Several exhibitions and workshops have been conducted which has caught the attention of a large number of people.

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