Video production Company in Bangalore, helping brands narrate their stories through reels

Studies show that “Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video, compared to 10% when reading it in the text”.

Video makes your content much more consumable, relatable, sticky - and efficient! A lot of businesses think video is only for industry giants - but they couldn’t be more wrong. Video marketing applies equally to businesses across every sector of industry, and size.

We create professional videos for businesses to build engagement with their audience, attract and nurture leads, and boost conversions - without charging a fortune for it!

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Why Choose Us?

Our team of video production experts help you make corporate, marketing and other video content that will capture your audience, build engagement and boost conversions.

We are a leading Corporate Video production company in Bangalore - with offices in Mumbai and Hyderabad. We have satisfied clients across most major industry sectors from around the country, and abroad.

Honeycomb gives you -

  • Expert Production - Our expert writers, directors, editors and animators can bring your wishes to life with professional videos for any occasion - handling everything from pre- to post-production.
  • Dedicated Client Service - Our client-centered approach puts your needs first. We use an inclusive process and workflow involving you for regular approvals and feedback.
  • High ROI - Get high-quality videos for an affordable rate - and use video marketing to drive higher ROI
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Highlights of Corporate Videos

87% of marketing professionals use video as a marketing tool (Wyzowl, 2019) Narrate your brand story with a video - A video of 1 minute comprises around 1.8 million words. (Forrester Research)

  • Brand Recall
  • Reach Decision-Makers
  • Brand Awareness
  • Increased Traffic
  • Better Ranking

Our Video Production Services

Corporate Video Production Services in Bangalore
  • Corporate Videos - Event coverage, brand videos, product videos, testimonials, internal videos, CSR videos, Documentaries, educational videos, among others.
  • Marketing Videos - Social media videos, explainer videos, promo videos, product demo videos, Adfilms, Motivational videos, Influencer videos.
  • Video Editing - If you’ve got footage, we can take it from there too! Video editing and post production to create high quality videos from existing footage.
  • 2D Animation Videos - With expert and dynamic animation of illustrations, graphics, text and sound - we are 2D animation video makers in bangalore - giving you quality video content without the costs of shooting.

How does the video production process work?

Video Production Company in Bangalore

1. Consultation

  • Your Interest - Once you fill out the form we start discussing your vision for video production services
  • Our Expert comes into the picture - We reach out to you within 12 hours. We take our time to study your business completely.
  • Catch up over coffee - For a round of briefing from your end to our crew

Video Production Company in Bangalore

2. Pre Production

  • Our Factfinders Explore - Target audience and market review. Construct a core message for an action plan within the project timeline
  • The Brain Of Our Crew - Copywriters get to work on brainstorming insightful ideas to build narratives
  • Recce (First Duty Of a Director) - Location scouting and legal permissions are acquired if required for video production services
Video Production Services

3. Production

  • Save a date - To film the corporate video with our crew Director, Director of photography, Video production coordinator, Camera assistant, and Lights men
  • Setting Up Equipment - DSLR cameras, drones, tripods, lighting tools, and mics of the best quality
  • Voice Recording & B-roll Captures
Corporate Video Production Company in Bangalore

4. Post Production

  • Video Editing - Raw footages are brought to life by our editors with sound and animation
  • Revision Approval - A few hours are set aside for revisions until approval
  • The Delivery - The final video is delivered to the client for its official release

The Story of Your Business on Reels: The Best Corporate Video Production Company

Video Production Company

Video production services have become an important part of today’s digital marketing strategies and the growth of your business. If you haven’t already discovered the power of video, you will be surprised to see how many opportunities it can provide you to improve your business and brand awareness. A wise man once said, A picture is worth a thousand words; but the video has the potential to be worth millions of dollars to businesses looking to reach their target audiences and connect with them on an emotional level. Our company provides the best video production services to give your brand the online presence it deserves. From storyboarding to editing, our dedicated team of expert filmmakers will work closely with you to ensure that every detail of your business’s personality shines through in each video we produce.

Our Video Team

Video Production Company

The multi-channel video production company in Bangalore is well versed with all types of corporate films like product videos, corporate films, infographic videos, training videos, and promotional films. The huge clientele database of Honeycomb speaks itself for its qualitative and quantitative services.

Honeycomb creative support has a state-of-art infrastructure, furnished with high-end camera equipment’s like DSLR cameras, drones, tripods, lighting tools, and mics of the best quality. The corporate video production company enjoys its status as one of the successful corporate film makers of Bengaluru. With a study rise in the clientele list, Honeycomb is catering the hungriest need of video production services.

Types of Video Production Services we do

  • Corporate Videos
  • Product Videos
  • Client Testimonials
  • Explainer Videos
  • Promo Videos
  • Product Demo Videos
  • Documentaries
  • Ad Film Making
  • Motivational Videos
  • Advertising Videos

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