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Hi there, thank you for dropping by. Honeycomb Creative Support is a nine-year-old design agency offering marketing communication development services - digital, print, web and interactive - under one roof.
We put ourselves in your shoes and think before we start developing your communications; not just designing as per your brief, but observing and analyzing your business and seeing how communications could address the context.
  • The Strategy

    We visit your office, sit with you and understand your business and the need for communication. As experts in the field, we suggest optimal ways of communication. Many a time, we have changed the perception of clients who were looking at an expensive mode of communication, directing them to a simple banner in social media and getting better results.
  • The Creative

    Once the strategy is done, we initiate our creative journey with a copywriter, creative director and a group of visualizers. Two to three options are provided for every print and digital communication; from which you could select one which we shall fine-tune. For website design, we mostly go with creative templates which we customize for you. For corporate videos, we create the concept and story board; on approval, we go ahead with the shoot or production.
  • The Fun

    Working with us is fun! Our team has people from all ages; many youngsters and many with over 15 years’ experience in the industry. A truly diverse organization, we speak many languages and fuse many cultures. We love music, art, and every medium from print to outdoor to film. Finally we love understanding your business and making it grow. Above all, we are socially responsible too!

Honeycomb is a company that believes in relationship building and client satisfaction. It has taken us years to build the trust and goodwill in the market that has kept us on the top because of our on-time delivery of projects and brilliance in creativity.

We Help You Grow Your Business

A few of our clients had come to us to develop a brochure; they changed their minds after a discussion, requisitioning for a website and an e-mailer! Many a time you may not be clear about your requirements, and we know how to help  your business grow by giving the right inputs. If you drop in at our office with the intention of growing your business, we guarantee you that it will be done.

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