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Do you have a bunch of video snippets lying in your drive which can be put to better use to scale up your business?
Let us get that footage up and running on your website then.

Honeycomb Creative Support provides full-fledged video editing services helping businesses drive a transformation through brilliant video edits. This helps one capture the attention of their target audience the smart way

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Our Video Editing Process takes into consideration the client need and requirements

We are a professional video editing company that offers unmatched assistance to bring out the best of the raw footage by sequencing the filmed shots, merging the scenes, rearranging the footage, removing unwanted content, and more.

Our team of editors with vast domain experience adds relevant music or sound, texts or headlines, sub-titles, voice-overs, special effects, 2D animations, and transitions to enrich and empower the existing video. They are also specialized in audio Syncing, video stabilization, and color correction in footage turning it professional engaging in advanced editing software.

Individuals or businesses looking for professional video editing to compile your stories. We can help you to improve your customer engagement with various types of videos like corporate videos , product videos, testimonial videos, infographic videos, typographic videos, character animated videos, and more to increase your website traffic and lead generation.

Let us get started with your video project

  • Share raw footages with a Briefing if its live-action video.
  • Script & Storyboard is required in the case of animated video.
  • Voice over will be recorded.
  • Editors will start lining up the footage or start animating the frames.
  • Edited file will be submitted for internal review.
  • Once it’s been reviewed and cross-checked the file will be submitted to the client for approval.
  • The final process will be handing over all the source files and final video in the required formats.
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