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As the world has gone online, so have the advertisers and their platforms. In fact the situation has become so critical that if a brand does not advertise online, it may as well not exist!

Over the years, online advertising has become so refined and effective that experts and businesses are in agreement with regards to the effectiveness of these platforms

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So let's talk about what PPC is, and what it can do for your brand

PPC or Pay Per Click is a platform wherein the advertiser puts the ad on the search engine results page and pays a fee each time someone clicks on the ad.

It's a method of garnering website visits via payment rather than hoping that online visitors can organically locate your website.

Advantages of PPC

Pay only When Someone clicks on your Ad

When it comes to PPC, you pay what you get, there are no hidden costs. Google lists your ad on their search engine page results, and each time someone clicks on your ad, they get paid for it. This continues until your set budget is used up and the ad is discontinued.

Absolute Control Over Budget

Before businesses start any marketing activity the first item to be discussed is the budget for said activity. Things are no different for PPC campaigns. You can set your budget before launching it and best of all, you can set daily or monthly budgets based on your requirements. Now obviously you cannot generate a high number of clicks with a limited budget as you are competing for the same keywords along with your peers, and some may be able to outbid you, but the beauty of PPC is that you can still find time slots or adjacent keywords that can still give you a decent number of clicks for even a limited budget.

Ads that only you target audience can see

Anyone can put in money on PPC and start generating clicks, but ensuring that you get relevant leads from your idea customer profiles is almost an artform. Online advertising platforms offer such a variety of targeting parameters that its possible to ensure that only people most likely to buy or submit an enquiry will click on your ads, you can create your audience profile based on their age, income levels, educational qualifications, geographic locations, interests, relationship status, employment status and many more.

Get Visibility and Traffic ASAP

Did you know that you can launch your first PPC campaign within 30 minutes, and get your ads on the 1st page of Search Engine Results Page (SERP) within an hour? PPC campaigns are the fastest way to generate traffic, but its important that the traffic is consistent over a period of time, surges in traffic is not good for your website.

Faster Results

Getting organic search results for your brand is a reliable way of generating high quality leads and conversions, however it takes time for your website to consistently show up in google search rankings for your targeted keywords. PPC is one of the best ways to show results and gauge the impact of your marketing activity.

Return On Investment You can Actually Track

Ultimately what brands are looking for is as high a return on investment as possible for the marketing activities. This is where PPC truly shines, because not only can you accurately track your clicks, conversions on a daily, monthly or quarterly basis, you also have the freedom to tweak and optimize your ad settings until you can increase your ROI as much as possible.

Schedule your Ads by time and geography

One of the key features of PPC campaigns is that you can target users who are only located in a certain geographic area. For example you are organising an Expo and want to increase the number of visitors to that event. It makes sense to target people who are within reasonable driving distance from the venue. PPCs allows you to set those parameters along with scheduling them during days and times when your target audience are most likely to be online. For example if you are selling sound systems to amateur and professional DJs then it makes sense to target them during the night, as that’s when they are most likely to be active.

PPC is an ideal strategy for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Ensure that PPC is always a part of your marketing strategy. As not using it means losing out on a substantial amount of high quality leads, better sales and ROI for your marketing budget

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