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Transparency or Film Scanning Services

Scanning Services

Hi-end  Print Scanning Services involve directing a finely-focused beam of light or electrons in a systematic pattern (over a surface) in order to reproduce or sense the image and to subsequently transmitting the image. In the print and digital world, an image scanner—often shortened to just scanner, is a device that optically scans photographs, paintings, artworks, printed text, transparencies, films or an object, and converts them into a digital image. The early days of drum scanners have almost disappeared as they don’t have much scope in the new digital era. The only way to convert the photos or films of olden days into digital form is by scanning. Our Honeycomb Print Scanning Division uses Epson 11000XL - a high-end flatbed scanner which can scan originals up to a size of A3 (approx. 40x30 cm) and various sizes of transparencies like 35 mm, 120 mm, etc. This high-precision scanner supported by Epson is always ready to deliver accurate results from any source.

Film scanning or Transparency scanning

All types of films – transparencies, positives and negatives - in different sizes can be scanned, cleaned-up, unwanted elements removed (if any) and converted into a jpg or tiff image which can then be reproduced to the required size. The transparencies can be of 35 mm, 120 film or 5x6 or any other size; negative or positive. A typical output can be of A3 size digital file. If necessary, the size can be enhanced.

Color correction

Color correction from the scanned image: If you are looking for changing the existing color or manipulating colors in any other way, come to us! We work on Adobe Photoshop for color corrections, changing colors, spotting, channel separations, monotone and duotone conversion, CMYK color correction for print media, etc.

Superimposing of images

After scanning, we proceed to the superimposing of images if necessary, composing them into a single image or many, for any requirement: advertising, printing posters or post-cards, or for publishing.

paper and bromide scanning (color or black & white)

If you have a printed original such as a paper or bromide, Honeycomb can scan and enlarge it to whatever size you desire. This can be used for print or digital media. We do the de-screening process while scanning so that the halftone dots from the original can be reduced during the next stage of reproduction.

CMYK Scanning

For printing applications, scanning in the CMYK mode is advisable, where the color range is limited. For digital purposes such as usage in an image library, social media etc., scanning in RGB mode is recommended. In both these modes, the image is color corrected and delivered.

Bromide Scanning

The bromide print that you had taken years ago might be faded due to climatic conditions. Honeycomb scanning division can transform that into an image with colors that are as good as original. After scanning, our color correction and editing makes it look like the original; and then, trust our 10-color printer to produce prints of fine-art quality. These prints have a life of fifty years plus without any fading!

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